I love watching the Masters, i have every year since 1984. It is an amazing tournament that continues to produce incredible moments that you remember for a long time. Jacks 1986 shot on 16, Tigers chip in on 16, Phil’s shot from behind the tree on 13, Scotty’s putt on 10. i could go on and on.

Sergio Garcia’s win this year was fantastic on so many levels – first major win after coming so close over many years; on Seve’s 60th birthday, his hero and that he became the 3rd Spaniard to win a green jacket. I think the thing that stood out for me was Sergio talking in Butler Cabin after his win and saying how he felt the calmest he has ever felt in a major. All this when the pressure probably was at its highest. He said he used to think that Augusta would one day bring him a major but then he had so many poor rounds that he felt uncomfortable and couldn’t win there anymore.

But then he realised Augusta would take from him and give back as well and once he became at peace with that then he would win. There are so many gifts in that for all of us

  • resilience
  • belief against all odds
  • coming to peace with yourself on and off the course
  • calmness and its role in high performance.

Sergio is 38. He has been on our radar for a long time and has been the best player to have never won a major for a long time. He is still now in the prime of his golfing years now with one major under his belt. Who knows how many more he now might win. I hope a lot more.

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