What Golfer do you want to be?


Who is the golfer you most want to be? Tom Watson, with a quick rhythm, fearless putter in his younger years, respectful. Fred Couples, laconic, easygoing, long swing, care free. Seve, swashbuckling, creative, flair, passionate.

As a young player I remember watching Jerry Pate on TV with my dad in the International Pro Celebrity Challenge with Lee Trevino. I loved Pate’s swing and how he handled himself on the course. I wanted to be Jerry Pate. I had his swing in mind when I won my first comp at my home club and I followed it quickly with 2 other wins in the space of a week.

Since that time I have realized that I play my best golf when I visualize a swing that I want to replicate. It works even better if a certain feeling went with that, Pate’s was of a particular rhythm.  My Curtis Strange phase was a forward press, slight sway going back and upright finish facing the target. Nowadays, as time passes and the body feels different Fred Couples rhythm is a good one for me to remember.

What player do you have in mind when you play your best?


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