Ashley Clinch is a Performance Psychologist with over 20  years experience working with people of all ages. He provides the following services out of his practice on the  Mornington Peninsula:


Ashley specializes in working with people with anxiety, managing life transitions and men’s health.  He is registered with Medicare under Better Access for Mental Health


Ashley works with people of all ages to improve their performance. This could be at work, sport, creative arts or at home.

He has worked with athletes and performers at an International, National, State, and club level in an  wide variety of areas including: Golf, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Hockey, AFL, Netball, Dancing, Gaming, Singing, Cricket, Triathlon and Cycling.

He specializes in working with young athletes transitioning to elite levels. He helps sporting clubs enable their athletes achieve high performance.

Career Coaching

The workplace is changing rapidly and people are struggling to understand how they might fit into it . A job for life is a thing of the past but increasingly people are seeking more meaning from their work. Ashley helps people a direction that is consistent with their values.

Keynote talks and Workshops

I regularly deliver keynote and informal talks on wellbeing, performance and careers.