Career Coaching

The success of your future at work will depend in part on your ability… to both understand the skills and competencies that will be at a premium, and also know how best to develop them
Lynda Gratton 

The Shift: The future of work is already here

The world of work is changing rapidly. Many people ask themselves – Am I in the right career? Is there another career I would be better suited too? Is this all there is?

Sitting down with a qualified professional with over 20 years experience can help you find your true calling.

Talk to Ashley about his Career Direction package. It includes:

# 3 Career Counselling sessions optimally spaced to ensure follow up and check ins.

# Formal Careers Assessment

# Resources to compliment Careers Search and exploration

# A plan to implement new Career Direction.

Total Value : $550. Your Investment: $400

Call Ashley on 0437550499 to book in for your first session.