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What am I doing now?


As at 12/11/16


  • Seeing lots of clients at both Padua College and my own practice at South Coast Physiotherapy.
  • Consulting to sports clubs and organisations on the how to help their staff, people and players perform at the highest level.
  • Learning how to use Evernote more efficiently.

Other stuff

  • Riding either my mountain bike or road bike most weekends up and around Red Hill.
  • Reading lots of great books. Just finished Cal Newports “So good they can’t ignore you” and now reading “Deep Work”. Two great books by Cal.
  • Going for walks on westernport beaches, shhhh, but they are the best in the world.


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Welcome to Mind4 but what is it?

Mind4 is a place where I get to write and explore ideas, thoughts and concepts that interest me in the areas of wellbeing, performance and careers. From time to time I might wander off and talk about other random topics…..think mountain biking, bike touring, craft beer and favourite walks and golf courses on the Mornington Peninsula.