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How do You practice golf?


How do You practice golf? If you have a regular job, with a family your time would be limited. Play on the weekend, practice after work one night a week in winter if you are lucky.

Do you go to the range and hit a bucket or 3? Is that helping you improve? Most likely not. Tee it up, hit it, tee it up again, hit it.

Ask yourself honestly what would improve your golf game?

I know for me at the moment my putting needs to improve to shoot lower scores. I need to make more putts in the 6 to 12 foot range. Tour pros make around 65% of putts from 6 feet and 30% from 10 to 15 feet. I make around 20% from 6 feet and less than 10% outside of that.

So my plan is 3 fold to improve my putting

  1. check in with my coach to see that my technique is sound.
  2. work on my mindset – yes even a psychologist can improve on this.
  3. work on some practice drills on the putting green to help in this range – the Spieth/McCormack gateway drill is a good one i have seen recently.

What is your plan for improvement? Contact me to book in for a Performance session.